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May Newsletter 19/05/2022


Ace North,  Honorary secretary
Dear Members,
I thought I'd do the newsletter this time to give Dan a few minutes off - use them well Dan!

This month we were treated to what I thought was a fantastic demo by John Boyne-Aitken, aka "The Bowler Hatted Turner". Here he is (though without the hat!):

 John's been turning all his life and it shows. In the first half of the demonstration, he showed us how to make a cake stand. When John's daughter wanted afternoon tea at her wedding, John was tasked with knocking out a few cake stands - only 50! So he got the production of very nice Ash cake-stands down to a fine art. 

It looks like a fun challenge to make one - and so we decided a cake-stand is (one option for) the months challenge! (The other being a needle case - see below).

In the second half, John made a screw-top needle case. Chasing a thread isn't something I've ever had a chance to try, but John made it look easy (though I'm sure it isn't!). He then textured the cases using a Robert Sorbey texturing tool. John made his needle case. Here are three of John's cases (one of which is the one he made for our demo; out of castello box (Calycophyllum multiflorum; I looked it up;-)):


For beginners like me, here is a top tip from John: practice on a piece of hard plastic pipe.

 Our thanks to John for an excellent demonstration - both entertaining and instructive.

I'll look forwards to seeing many of you next month at the hands on night. 
All the best,


April Newsletter 21/04/2022





 Dan Finnemore, Chairman


Dear Members,

It was great to see so many of you attend last week for our hands-on Club night.